October 8, 2010


Hello Friends

Dia De Los Banditos was a hit - the show remains on exhibition for the month of October at Bar 1601 on the corner of 10th and Tasker streets. Collaboration canvases, sticker packs, and button packs can be purchased at http://www.stickybandits.bigcartel.com

The show went well, although i was hospitalized for half of it, it was only a minor setback. I wanted to post some images of the canvases created for the show. Most of them can be seen in the online store as linked above, but my solo ones remain unposted so i shall share them here!

 Also, the ticky merchandise store has been updated with sticker packs and necklaces like the ones below. Necklaces are a new development for me, and so far the response has been great. Have any suggestions for new pieces of jewelry? Earrings? Keychains? We'll see!  Http://www.ticky.bigcartel.com

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